I'm currently working with illustrations, will probably have some to showcase during the holidays.

Happy holidays!


First invoice

I can happily announce that my new company has sent the first invoice! It was also paid in full which feels awesome. Let's see if there will be more...



Alright, I re-registered as a company today! I'll see what it entails exactly, but this will probably make it easier for everyone.


Laracon EU 2019

I will commit to the laravel framework to in order to prepare for Laracon EU in Amsterdam. Since I prefer nifty js-only libraries it will be interesting to explore new possibilities - especially webshops and stuff like that. I'll especially look into vue.js.


Slow summer

The work with the web shop will be continued after the summer. I'm currently buying a house and getting married so the coding will be limited until my new office is up & running.

Enjoy the summer!


Building a webshop

I'm currently building a drop ship e-commerce called Cheap & Slow, which needed a logo. Mixing a Panda and a Sloth matches the lengthy delivery times due to the merchandise being made in China.


I'm alive

Welcome to my blog! This is the first post and just a test. I write this in Contentful, then I use GraphQL to fetch the content and present it on the site. I plan to use this content pipeline for clients as well, looks good!


Technology stack

So this page is built with GatsbyJS for the front-end, Contentful as the CMS and Netlify as the host. GatsbyJS is a progressive web application, meaning it produces static files, meaning that performance is greatly enhanced. The drawback is that there are limits to what can be done. I think that most of my clients won't need this though why it's an excellent stack to use for the most clients.

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